Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Used/Re-used Resources

There are some really great online sites available for giving/taking free things as well as selling your items. Here are some links:

Clovis Freecycle
Clovis Yardsale
Fresno Craigslist

There are also a number of thrift stores in Fresno... I looked in the online yellow pages and there were about 20 LISTED. There were some I noticed that WEREN'T listed. I don't want to offend anyone BUT here is my opinion... Salvation Army has a really great ministry and service to the community... one that you see the fruit of and I've even had dear friends participate in. Their prices are good and they offer sales all the time. Goodwill, I have found, is too highly priced and not as service oriented... at least, not in such visible ways as Salvation Army. Go where you want... but I have found a number of things at Goodwill that was MORE expensive than the SAME item next door at walmart. When I brought that (on both occasions) to the attention of the staff... they told me to shop at Walmart.

There are also great websites life,, where you can get used items at a decent deal. Google will compare prices for you. Lots of great options!

Your best options, I believe, are your friends and family and local community. The blessing of sharing as a greater body is awesome! Just a taste of what the Church recorded in Acts must have experienced :)

You may also join my facebook group: Living Hebrews 13:5 where local friends and family in the Fresno/Clovis area are swapping goods as well. :)

Now, on a slightly humorous note... I came home last night and found that I'd won a $25 gift card to Target. Of course I did!!!!! :/ Instead of getting to use it on something new, like I would normally do, I will be buying toilet paper and diapers! :) "Thank you Lord for your blessings which come in such timely ways!"