Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Immersion Blender FREEBIE :)

This is such a fun story and I can't believe I haven't shared it yet! But since I used my "new" immersion blender tonight for our soup (and loved every minute of it) I saw it only appropriate to come here and write about this gift... while my soup continues to simmer :)

Awhile back I had decided that I would like an immersion blender. I make a corn tortilla soup that requires blending... and more than a few times I have burned myself as splashes of boiling soup attack me as I pour it into my REGULAR blender, which, by the way, doesn't fit the whole soup. Needless to say, visiting friends and watching them blend so beautifully and cleanly created some blender-envy. I decided to see what I could find used. This led to a lot of nothing as it seems that many people are not looking to get rid of their immersion blenders (no doubt).

SO one day I get on freecycle and see a woman offering kitchen things. I check it out and sure enough, at the bottom of her list, is an immersion blender. FREE!!!. So I promptly send her an email requesting it. After I sent my email I looked at the time... it was posted the day before. I thought to myself, "there is NO way that is still available a day later." Then I realized that my messages were flipped! They were showing OLDER to NEWER! Sure enough, once I corrected my posts... there it was, the fatal "Taken: Kitchen stuff." I sadly emailed the person back saying how sorry I was that I'd missed the "Taken" post and to disregard my message. Thinking it was over.... I moved on with my life.

However, I received a reply email stating that while all of the kitchen stuff WAS gone... the immersion blender was still available and sitting on her porch waiting for me (address included and all!) You can bet that I jumped in my car and drove right over to pick up my beloved gift from God.

Its crazy how often we think that God doesn't care about these small things in our life. And really, in relation to all the tragedies in the world, He shouldn't. But what a blessing to know that in his omnipresence and omnipotence, He can care about the silliest things that my heart ponders. And then to take the time to respond! Had my freecycle posts been in order, I NEVER would have emailed that woman about her kitchen stuff! SO many providential things in place with an eventual leading to my "new" immersion blender. And tonight, as in so many nights yet to come, I am extremely grateful for His thoughtfulness... and the thoughtfulness of the woman giving it away! :)

So to all of you who wonder if God cares about the BIG things in your life, let alone the small things... know that He does. And though not every answer is a "yes" or even comes in the way we expect... He does love to give His kids good gifts. :) May you continue to be inspired to allow God to meet your needs!