Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The REAL Reason

Ive been trying to put my finger on the ACTUAL reason I am doing this... I've had people ask, "Is it to save money?" No, though I hope that happens too. "Is it to be content with what you have?" Well, another hope, but also not the driving force. Finally I figured it out.

I was looking in amazement at the 81 members who'd joined the Facebook group within 24 hours of its start (link in previous post) that I had spun from this idea... feeling so blessed by all of the conversations that were happening: the swapping, selling, taking, giving, sharing. And it hit me.

I am in love with community :) I LOVE to see the community of friends and family joining together to meet each other's needs. I love to see people helping each other out. I love to see someone find value in someone else's junk. Its such an awesome blessing! I am NOT buying anything new this year so that I can be a bigger part of the community that cares for one another. To give what I have... and find what I need... and even those things that I just want. More importantly, I'm excited to see God meet our needs in a different way. We live in a country that has made it very easy for us to meet our own needs on our own time. That's not necessarily bad... but it is easy to forget the ultimate Gift-Giver.

I hope that this year ends filled with blessings all around as people rise up to share- a lesson we can't teach our children with words alone. Thank you for joining me and doing whatever you can to join the community of giving!