Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New York- fashion capital of the world!

Hello again! I know its been a couple of days. I went to NYC with my sister. I MADE IT! I didn't buy a single thing. I heard the shopping deals were incredible. I wouldn't know. Some of you may be super impressed at the moment. "You went to NEW YORK CITY and didn't even walk into Bloomingdales? Macys? JC Pennys? THE HERSHEYS FACTORY?" As incredulous as that my seem... I'm not a big "shopper" as it is. I get a headache.

The hard part was not buying a souvenir! My plan was to find a thrift store and then tell you how funny it was that I bought an "I LOVE NY" shirt from there... but nope. Plan fail. I only saw ONE thrift store the entire time I was there... and I was passing it on the tour bus. There were "cheap" gifts everywhere. I could get SEVEN shirts for $10. My tourguide assured us that we'd only get one wash out of those... but still. I DID, however, take 400 pictures.

On that note, I again felt the weight of how easy it is to buy something JUST to buy it. I think, even though I didnt NEED anything (and I surely don't need another knick knack statue to remind me of a place) I would have bought something. A mini lady liberty. Some momento for the kids. The payoff was this: my family spent a good half hour together enjoying my photo slideshow and watching the videos (esp. of our crazy cab ride!). That kind of gift to my family is worth far more than a re-made blanket of the titanic or a jumbo souvenir mug.

That said, I'm glad I made it! My sister was good at trying to find ways to twist the rules, like: "I'll buy the $2 shirt, wear it, then sell it to you for a quarter!" Sweet girl :) LOL :) In the end, I realized NY had nothing that I NEED. But is an amazing city regardless.

More to come! OH, and I found a free used fireplace key! WHAT????!!! Amazing...