Sunday, February 27, 2011

A playroom half full!

We did it!

I couldn't have done it nearly as well without Jeremy's help. We had three baskets/bins.  One for "get rid of it," a second for "put it away" and a third for "sell it."

Before the night was over, we had removed over half of the toys and furniture from the room AND made $40! Seriously, I put a couple toys on our Clovis Yard Sale Yahoo group and our organizational toy bins. The same woman came and bought them all. THEN, I asked what else she needed and proceeded to GIVE her as many other toys as I possibly could! It was great knowing that our things were going to such great use AND I had helped earn $40 for my husband to buy the sprinkler heads and screws he was hoping to purchase to finish some gardening projects. Yeay! I love how it all works out!

My kids have already been playing in our playroom again... its so... stress-free! So much less stuff! AND, the mess they left behind was not anything like it usually is! My 3 year old took a nap the first day after we cleaned. He was surrounded by tons of books. He just didn't want to leave. Love it! I can tell this is going to be a super fun adventure.....

My kids enjoying our new stress-free playroom. One book shelf. Two corner shelves. Three bins. Thats it.
Enjoying some time in his clutter free playroom with some books! A reader!