Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's a GO!

I'm not even sure I finished the statement, "Jeremy, I think we should get rid of half..." when he agreed. I knew he would.

What surprised me was my oldest daughter (10 years old). I ran the idea by her and SHE was all for it too! Well okay!

My three year old? Mmmm, not so much. Well, he's not sure anyway. He's kind of just going with it at the moment. Patiently. He likes to process and mull on stuff before agreeing. But in the end, I know he'll do it.

I think I was a bit ambitious. I secretly (or did I say it publicly too?) thought I could get it done in a day. Or at least half a day. YEAH RIGHT!

Since my last post I have successfully gotten rid of HALF of the clothing of my two toddlers. Thats about it. And maybe 1/6th of our kids books. Actually, the clothing was a big chore. I mean, HALF of all of their current clothes and maybe even OVER half of all the stored clothes. I've taken them in two loads to a new consignment store in Clovis called A La Mode Clovis. I made about $30 on a bunch today. I'm going to be taking the rest of the clothes to a consignment SALE in March. Hoping to make some money on these! And, giving some to friends too.

Never got to the closet.

Too bad I started in February.

It can be done!!! I'm already feeling more free... just knowing it will be done!

I've gotten some really neat feedback. One of my friends sent this message to me on Facebook today:

Hey Marcy, just reading this, but I want to encourage you in this. We left Fresno at the beginning of Feb and are about to embark on a long term(1 year+) family roadtrip through Europe. Anyways, to make that happen we had to purge heavily. From the photo of this blog post:
We fit our whole life in a 8x5 trailer (only about 2/3 full). It took a lot of work, but I did what you are doing. Got rid of half of our things, then got rid of half of what was left and so on. We have friends who have been traveling long term, each family member with only a carry on luggage. We won't be that sparse, but will only take what our luggage allowances allow for. (we'll be shipping our van and buying a travel trailer once there)

Anyways, purging is so freeing, especially when you can pass things off to someone else who can use them.

How cool is that????? I love that!

Here's another link that was sent to me:

Love it! Keep sending me all of your fun stories, your commitments to join me, and anything else you think relates!  :)