Friday, October 8, 2010

Convenience Culture Pay Off :)

I was humbled on Tuesday.

Actually, I find some humility every day.

Tuesday was different.

I had to take my older kids to school (which is unusual for me... usually my hubby takes 'em). This meant getting my older two in the car and ready to go. I had to get my two babies in the care (wake them up and feed them). I had to get my son's preschool stuff together. Throw in my guitar and Bible study book for Bible Study at 9. Oh, and the juice I had to bring for potluck.

All that to say, by the time we got to my son's little preschool... it was raining. Add to that- of all the things I could have forgotten that morning, it happened to be his backpack... complete with sweater and umbrella. Yep. Fortunately we were 1/2 an hour early. I quickly (but not too quickly :) drove to Goodwill. CLOSED. Actually, just about everything was closed at 8am. (really? When did all of the businesses decide 9am and 10am were better times to avail themselves to frantic mommies of cold children?) The only place open: Walmart.

In we went! $6 later we had a great warm sweater. We made it back to his school JUST in time for his class to start. (A couple days later I found a light rain jacket at Neighborhood Thrift. Score!)

As you know, Walmart is NOT on our list of places to buy "used" things from. However, on this day, I was reminded that our culture of convenience isn't ALL bad. It sure comes in handy in those emergencies that don't leave you much time for bargain and thrift shopping. And I still got a great deal!

I love when God restores balance to my little universe. I needed to remember that every new purchase is not a bad purchase. Not every transaction of convenience is utterly detestable or ridiculous :) It seems He certainly uses these methods to meet our needs as well as the others we are experimenting with this year! May the Lord lead and guide you as you wait on Him for your every need!